Find a Domestic Energy Assessor

This page assists you in finding an accredited person to undertake an Energy Performance Certificate or to check that an individual is accredited.

Due to the Data Protection Act, full contact details of accredited Domestic Energy Assessors are only available if the individual has consented for these details to be used in this register. As Domestic Energy Assessors become accredited their details will be added to the register.

To find an accredited person to undertake an existing dwelling Energy Performance Certificate or a new dwelling Energy Performance Certificate, please enter your search criteria below:

If you are using the "Find Nearest Energy Assessor" search, please first enter the full Post Code of the property requiring an assessment into the "Full Post Code of Property" box.

Alternatively, if you are looking for an individual and their details are not being returned, you can contact the accreditation schemes direct, via:
Approved Energy Assessor Accreditation Schemes

If you are a Domestic Energy Assessor and would like your full contact details included on this site, please contact your Accreditation Scheme.